I haven’t been accomplishing a great deal at the moment, but what I have done has been wool-based…

I’ve embarked on another massive lace shawl

(except, of course, it isn’t massive yet…)

I’d kind of forgotten to take into account the fact that a pattern of shells made of 5 tr will take up quite a lot more wool than ones made up of tr triangles. Still, I like it and it’s for me and so I don’t mind a little extra silk!

..and not to deny silk to anyone, this is the start of the slightly mythical Batman Jumper created to ensure that he didn’t feel unloved. Of course it’s impossible to feel unloved in 50% silk and 50% merino, so this should make up for the previous 13 years of our relationship when I have only made him a dance shoe bag and a selection of Halloween costumes (and reinstalled endless buttons on his kilt jackets, which earns quite a few brownie points).

I’m hoping to turn it into a pattern (maybe even one that folk will pay for), so keep pestering me about it, and I’ll give you updates. Batman is practicing the requisite Grumpy Male Crochet Model face as we speak, he’s probably secretly working on the beer belly too, but I’m afraid I’ll have to put my foot down on that one.