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Sorry I’m a bit late with the winner, it’s been one of those weekends.. for instance my breakfast today was blueberry muffin, followed by carrot and celery sticks with sour cream and chive dip.. and then a hot cross bun.

But in the interests of fair and open judging, here is the drawing procedure:

In the interests of recycling, I used the back of Batman’s dance cribs, extra points if you can identify the dance.

Batman does the drawing (apologies for the psychedelic photograph)…

…and our winner is Cara, from IDreamofCrafts. Now I have personally been responsible for adding a little more pink to her wardrobe (if that is possible) and I’m quite pleased to make another donation.

Since I saved so much postage in being able to hand Cara her prize in person, we drew another name…

Lisa, from Pincushion Points who will be the recipient of this lovely neckwarmer (made of handspun, of which I am in completely in awe)! Lisa, if you email me with your address, your prize will be winging its way to you soon!