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We’ve been away for a long weekend to Cardiff where Batman was giving a seminar. I came along for the sushi and ice cream and being spoilt by the in-laws.

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I love Cardiff. It’s a really friendly city, there’s lovely architecture, the old arcades are full of independent shops and you can get Brains in lots of varieties almost everywhere (although alas, not where we went for lunch on Sunday).

We met up with some friends at the Cardiff Arts Institute which apart from being possibly the first cafe I’ve ever been to with a manifesto, had a Lego wall!

I’ve decided to steal the idea when we move Misericordia Mansions out of rented accommodation, I had so much fun!

If you’re in Cardiff, pop in and let me know how long it stays up…

(Sorry about the colours, for some reason my phone has very unusual colour settings indoors…)

So we’re back now, Batman loaded down with six bottles of Brains, and trying to get back into the swing of the week.