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…which is oddly always much more productive than when you tell yourself you’re going to accomplish stuff.

I know I’m hideously behind with April’s Limited Duration photo, the frustrating thing is that I took it ages ago and didn’t do the sensible thing of getting it sorted at the time. Oh no, that would be far too logical.

Last weekend I decided it would be a grand idea to draft my first ever pattern block and make a dress for a wedding…on the 30th of May. (Did I mention it’s a heavily beaded dress? Or that the wedding’s in the States? ..and that I’ve also decided to make two batches each of brownies and chocolate cookies today?)

I ended up with a pattern block from Weekend Designer and hacked bits out of it and looked at the illustrations in this book.

I would like to assure my readers that this is not the final fabric. I did something I’ve meant to do for years and bought a shalwar kameez fabric set. The genius of this system is that I got a length of plain fabric (lining and facings) a length of sequined fabric (outer fabric) and a sheer scarf (wrap) which matched and cost the grand total of £15.

I must point out that my genius plan is tempered slightly by the fact that the fabric is gloriously plastic and has a small static problem, and the beaded section is only beaded on half it’s length. The plasticity bothers more than the demi-sequinning, for (as my mother pointed out) sequins on the back tend to catch on things.

I’m modeling it on a dress I found in Monsoon (which has irritatingly disappeared from their website, I’ll try to find it later on), which was plain at the back but had a deep beaded hem, so that’s my plan too.

Since I’m short on time (and blog posts), stay tuned for part two of the Dress Adventure!