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This was how you would have found me at about 7.50 am (note the orange juice top left).

The source of all the lovelyness was my friend Kate who sent me a birthday package based on my request to hug a particular cherry tree on Jawbone Walk in Edinburgh (the one that never blooms at the same time as the others, for Edinburgundian readers who want to know).

My package had a photo of the cherry blossoms, a cherry blossom inspired neckwarmer (knitted by the lovely Kate herself), and a necklace from a craft fair (I’ve foolishly cut off the business card of the artist, even though I put it there on purpose to give her a mention).

That in addition to the birthday tree I got to pick out last weekend from Batman (photos to follow when there are more leaves) has created quite a festive atmosphere at Misericordia Mansions (plus, there’s a huge pile of party food and an increasing cake tin mountain for the party on Saturday)!

Today is not only the anniversary of my very dramatic entrance into the world, but it also marks the five month-iversary of a wee project Batman and I have been working on. On or about the 1st of October, we will be adding a small Dragon to the menagerie.

So far it’s gone pretty well, and apart from a complete wardrobe (and supportive undergarment) overhaul hasn’t been very traumatic.

So lots of cake all round, but unfortunately only very limited quantities of champagne for me!

PS. You should also go wish my blogosphere birthday buddy Swingbug Happy Birthday (if Brahms and Tchaikovsky ever updated their blogs you could wish them many happy returns too, but they never do)!