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Anyway, enough with the life-changing revelations and back to what really matters, frocks!

Fabric weights are always most helpful when dressmaking…

I quite like the part where you get the cellotape out and muck about with stuff…

Here’s the toile, it’s in rather unfortunate fabric, but I think I like it. Someone should invent a way to pin the back of your toile together when you’re home alone…or perhaps I should just keep doing the Pilates to gain better shoulder flexibility.

I was prepared for an almighty battle trying to fit both my peculiarities and Dragon into the same frock, but Dragon seems to be relatively easy to fit (long may it continue). You can’t really tell on the dress form, but then she has a 22 inch waist and everything looks good on that!

A little sneak preview of the main fabric and the sparklies that go with it. I’m so co-ordinated even my iron matches!