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Isn’t it great when your friends come up with the perfect gift? I received this from the lovely S (whose lovely sproglet recommends October birthdays particularly).

This reassuring-looking book was first published in 1914 and has a wealth of useful information…

…including the revelation contained in the first sentence.

This warning for all your tubercular singletons may be slight too late for anyone who has purchased the book in order to learn more about their current delicate state.

Oh how I would love to take this list into a Lane Bryant and see how much I come away with…

As my friend quite rightly pointed out, the only useful information given in the book was that you could use a laundry basket as a bed for your newborn, but it is rather odd how the tone of pregnancy and baby books hasn’t changed at all in the intervening years…

PS. I have to share two other fabulously ridiculous quotes from books about babies.

‘Humanity has existed for a vast number of years’ – G Dick-Read

‘Just because two things happen at the same time doesn’t mean one caused the other. As one researcher pointed out, the rise in the British cesarean rate correlated equally well with, among other things, the rise in violent crime in the United States and the declining stork population in Holland.” – H Goer