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I’ve been a bit single-minded on the whole dress front, which means that I sort of forgot to take any photos..

The last in the proper organised charting of progress was this:

… which was immediately before I realised that I’d been sewing into the back of the zip teeth in spots and had to unpick vast swathes of it and start again.

That kind of ended the smooth run for a while, and in the midst of all the picking out and looking for dropped sequins I started doing stuff like this:

So I decided I needed to concentrate a little harder and take more breaks.

Which means that in the end all I have to show you of the dress at the moment is in its packed state.

I promise a photo of me in it when we get back. I have no idea why I put it in a plastic bag, it’s either because I’m paranoid about it getting ruined or because I’m showing off to Batman who has to lug his whole kilt ensemble about and stand about in Maryland in metres of wool. The nice thing about a Scotsman in full dress is that you get to lose the comments about ladies not traveling light or taking too long to get ready (quite apart from the other charms of Scotsmen in full dress of course).