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When bored, I can be counted on to play with my food…

(Have I mentioned that my favourite cocktail of all time is still a Shirley Temple? I rediscovered it when my cousin got one at the wedding. I have to say it didn’t quite live up to the ones I used to get at the Walnut Rooms in Marshall Fields in Chicago when I was wee, but we must make allowances when one is in a marquee.)

We saw these amazing sculptures in the Philadelphia airport.

Every so often, someone else makes the art that’s in my head. I can never decide whether to be happy that someone did it (because face it, I’ll never make a quarter of what goes on in my head) or sad that I’ve somehow missed the opportunity.

Information about Impulse here, I’ve pulled the paragraphs out here to save you searching for it:

High above the floor in the new International Terminal’s A-West busy Ticketing Lobby, floats Impulse, Ralph Helmick’s and Stuart Schechter’s monumental suspended six part sculptural suite, addressing the poetry of flight. Comprised of 6,749 precisely suspended cast pewter birds, the piece employs a type of three- dimensional Pointillism depicting numerous small sculptures coalescing into six larger composite sculptures. Each cast bird measures approximately 3 inches and is suspended from nylon-coated, braided stainless steel cable.

Starting at the pedestrian moving walkway, the Impulse sequence moves from east to west. The first sequence shows a large cluster of suspended birds in no apparent formation. As the series moves west, the thousands of individual birds begin to arrange themselves into the overall formation of an epic goose. Eventually, the goose formation is transformed, as the birds regroup, into the grand and final image of the classic DC- 3 aircraft.