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Have I mentioned recently how much I like lists? I use a variety of online lists, but in the end the thing that calms me down and makes me finish what I need to get done is a piece of paper and a pen.

So, after a spare half an hour in a coffee shop I realised that I have approximately 16 weeks in which to make anything that I want to have ready before Dragon arrives.

Mum and I found a shop called Frivolous Fibers while we were away and I came away with this lot:

(Why yes, I was feeling particularly beach-y…why do you ask?)

My list is as follows:

  • Silk Shawl (started, awaiting more silk)
  • Purple Cardigan (see below)
  • Sleeping Bag (out of the Debbie Bliss, unfortunately it looks like I’m writing the pattern as well)
  • Hexagon Cardigan (out of the sock wool above)
  • Quilt (I now have fabric for the top and need to start cutting and piecing…by hand)
  • Watermelon Tunic (started)
  • Buggy Liner
  • Buggy Sleeping Bag

I’m trying to be optimistic about my chances!

So, the Purple Cardigan…

(My thanks to Teddy for agreeing to model it)

It’s short the edging, but I can’t decide if I want a contrast edging or not. I tried a little in gray, but didn’t really like it. Any suggestions?