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Rather high on my list of things to make for Dragon was a quilt. In the best tradition of the cobbler’s children going barefoot I’ve yet to finish a quilt for anyone I live with. (I suppose technically there’s the huppah, but it’s hung on the wall and isn’t really good for snuggling up under, being mainly white and all.)

I picked a pattern out ages ago, and knew that I wanted greens and purples, but got stuck on the fabric.

I bought the green spots ages ago, and then the beige linen at the bottom came home as part of The Curtains Which Took a Year. We found the rest at the only fabric store in Philadelphia open on Memorial Day (spending a ludicrous amount of money on the fabric because I was really worried I wouldn’t have enough), hours before we got on the plane home.

Cara has mentioned in the past that I am sort of guaranteed to pick the most detailed and insane projects going, and this is no exception.

The pattern was originally written to be foundation pieced, but the thought of sewing accurate lines on the machine over and over again made my teeth hurt, so I thought I’d convert it to English paper piecing because after all, it’s just an increase of persistence, right?

Well, kind of…

The first quarter of a block went together pretty well.. it just took 6 hours of hand sewing and Internet faffing. When I multiplied this by the 20 blocks I wanted to use and then thought about the hand quilting I’d intended to do I have to admit I got a little nervous.

But I had strategies… the long edges could be cellotaped down to save tacking…and I didn’t need to do much else in my life, right? I mean I sit on the bus a bit, I could crochet all the things I needed to finish in  two hours a day, three days a week, easy. It’s completely and utterly do-able.

…to be continued.