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I am nothing if not persistent, and so I finished the block to see what it would look like.

It’s beautiful, it’s exactly what I wanted, I love the colours, it’s got a huge swirling vortex in the middle that I can put my finger through.


My glamorous assistant implied that I ought to stop and think about this very carefully indeed. So I did.

…and decided that a modicum of sanity in what by all accounts in a great rushing wall of Life Will Never Be the Same Again might actually be a good idea.

So I took a small step backwards, simplified things a little and settled on a lovely Amish design which is almost the same as the original pattern, except it has (literally) half as many pieces in a block which is 1/3 larger.

Needless to say, it’s going much faster and I have great hopes that I will finish it before Dragon leaves home at 18.

But for those of you who thought you might cease to recognise me shortly, fear not; I’m still hand piecing the top.