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You’d prepared yourself for the inevitable, hadn’t you?

It was obvious that in the midst of all this Dragon-related crafting there would be a point where nothing was going quite to plan…and this is it.

We all know the universal truth about swatches. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when, almost two completed sleeves into this charming cardigan I discovered that I hadn’t managed to anything close to the 7 1/2 inch length (or width) required for this sleeve. So now I don’t know whether to pretend that I meant to scale down the 6 month-1 year old pattern to something smaller… or to start again with a larger hook. (Does it help if I mention that Dragon will be about three months old in December and at six months it will be March?) So someone else, please make the decision for me.


Here is problem number two..

I’m sure there’s a recommended order for constructing quilt blocks of this nature, and I’m definitely not following it.

I’m happy enough with everything up to my edge triangles which are fiddly to install and seem to need an awful lot of tugging and easing to get to not-quite-large-enough. I’ve been consistent about how I’ve cut them out, and I really don’t want to have to pick out all the yellow squares to get them to fit properly (but I would consider it if I had to).

Any suggestions?

Right, I’m off to reheat frozen hallah, which seems to be about the level of technical skill I can muster at the moment.