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I want to start a campaign…

It all started with baby dribble and my not so secret hippy streak.

I’ve started observing small children as I pass them, and it’s occurred to be that they produce a lot of dribble and snot. Now I’m not very good with either dribble or snot, so I started trying to decide what approach to take when Dragon arrives.

I’m fairly scrupulous about not over-using paper products in my day to day life, we’ve got a drawer full of cloth napkins and I’ve got trendy cotton wool eco-equivalents for taking my slap off of an evening, but I have a bit a blind spot when it comes to nasal emissions.

But when I bought Dragon a set of Wallace and Gromit hankies, drool mopping for the use of, I realised that I was going to have to at least attempt to set an example.

This, combined with my gasp of horror when I emptied my handbag and discovered no less than six packets of tissues spurred me to come to a slightly less tree-dependent solution.

Batman is of course, way ahead of me, having been brought up to hankies from a young age, so I nicked a few of his until I felt the experiment was worth spending money on.

This led to a pleasant few days trawling charity and vintage shops and ostentatiously fluttering scalloped edges whenever I had a sniffle.

But I’m properly hooked now, I’ve got an adequately sized collection and I’ve even managed to iron a few of them when they came out of the wash!

This has to be one of my favourites, the combination of roses (was there nothing more nautical in the print library? The green hankie in the photo above managed the Scales of Justice, surely a seagull isn’t too much to ask?), generic wishes from an undisclosed location (but I suppose even spies have to buy their aunties presents) and the fact that it feels a bit like a synthetic georgette which doesn’t bode well for nasal comfort make me grin whenever I look at it.

So I want to start a campaign, I want to encourage you to try a hankie since it’s summer and you can break yourself in gently (hayfever sufferers excepted) so that it’s completely natural by cold season. I’ve thought of a catchy name Sewn, Not Of Tree (SNOT) and I think we could create an eco revolution on the scale of the fabric shopping bag.

Plus, it’s a really good way to let artists and seaside resorts sell small and inexpensive souvenirs, who wouldn’t love a limited edition Lulu Guiness hankie for their collection? Bring back the hankie, SNOT with me!