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I’ve been doing some drawing…and I have to say that I’ve missed it.

I many have mentioned that I haven’t ever been that comfortable with drawing, but I’m learning to loosen up a bit and above all practice. For some reason I have this feeling that I ought to be able to pick up a pencil and just draw amazingly which is frankly nonsense. Given that I believe in repetition and practice in all other aspects of my life, it occurred to me that I ought to be more consistent. I’m even half considering trying to do the 365 Days, 365 Drawings challenge on Flickr (I’d love to do this with a group of people if anyone else wants to join me, I’m sure you could do a whole batch of drawings to cover your busy days…and I’d do a draw-in with cake if it helped!)

These aren’t all finished, but I’m hoping to get a small series of them together.