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After my previous lack of success with the blocks for Dragon’s quilt, I thought I’d start on the other block colourway before I cut any edges off the first lot.

As I did it, I wondered how people used to make accurate quilts when they didn’t have access to terribly accurate rulers or (Heaven forfend) rotary cutters. I ended up putting the next block together in a slightly different way as an experiment, sewing the triangles on before doing the corner squares.

Lo and behold…

…practically perfect blocks (or good enough for me)!

I’ve decided to develop a new personal rule about piecing, which is a bit like the rule of mathematical priority (which apparently is more properly, but less poetically called the order of operations). Basically it goes thusly:

Middle (start at the centre of the block)

Half (if the block is symmetrical, sew each half together and then join the complete halves)

Sharp (acute angles get done first)

I have no idea if it’s a universal rule, so let me know if works for you.