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…did I make you jump?

Don’t worry, it’s not that dramatic yet. The combined forces of Batman and my mother have managed to prise my fingers from around the (admittedly joint) credit card and buy a new computer.

Now keep in mind that buying computers is possibly my mother’s favourite thing to do and Batman is at least interested in the technology. I, on the other hand would be more than happy to keep the same computer for ever and ever (as long as nothing horrible happened to it).

But alas poor Odette had reached her sixth year and needed to be retired (if we can all take a moment to remember her service in the pursuit and acquisition of a Masters degree, several photographic commissions, the birth of this blog and Killer Pilates and much more).

I won’t bore you with the details of the purchase (and frankly, I have no idea except that it’s fast and shiny) but for some reason I decided that I needed to rearrange The Garret to accommodate the new arrival.

This of course leads to fears that I will get halfway through (the half that involves me removing everything from every drawer and box in the place) and then give up, leaving more chaos than there was before.

In the end I managed to accomplish almost the whole thing in a morning (simultaneously getting in trouble from both Kipling who objected to my moving his favourite seat, and Batman who objected to me moving a cast iron sewing machine table, desk, several book cases and a great deal more without assistance).

In the process I discovered a great deal of cat fur, a few things I’d thought I’d misplaced and the realisation that Batman is much better at remembering to check where the plug sockets are before moving furniture.

Kipling is learning to live with the change of seat position (I shifted it to the right about 50cm)…

…and I would like to introduce you to Shackleton, the newest resident of Misericordia Mansions. I’ve decided to go terribly open source this time, so once I’ve had a play with all the clever graphics software I might give a wee review or two.

PS. This is my desktop image (it always has to relate to the name of the computer), I really fancy going to Liverpool to see this exhibition, anyone want to come?

PPS. If anyone can explain the Library functions of Windows 7 (I get the basic premise, but I’m struggling to understand how it’s going to improve my life…so far it just makes me swear) I will send them a batch of their favourite biscuit.