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That phrase always makes me think of The Velveteen Rabbit, I had a recording of it when I was a kid and the lady who read it had a very peculiar tone in her voice when she said it.

I’ve been discovering that I need to take it a bit easier than usual, so this weekend was relatively quiet. I did manage to finish up two projects which have been bothering me for a while.

Project 1 was an ironing board cover.

For someone who doesn’t really iron, I’m very particular about my ironing set up. This means that I have to customise standard ironing boards (extra tall ones for Batman’s benefit) with extra foam and then invariably I lose the will when it comes to covering the now treble thickness board.

This is usually accomplished with an old sheet and quite a few safety pins, and ends up looking like a body about to be buried at sea. (I discovered when I went to start this project that I had not one but two double-layer covers like this, Heaven knows what I was thinking.)

Making ironing board covers is really embarrassingly easy, especially if you make a double-layer (and therefore reversible) version.

So much better!

Project 2 is the One Year Curtains!

I started them on 27th June 2009 and rather embarrassingly (or not, depending on your opinion) I still have a package of Texere silk on the go (not the same package, I hasten to add).

Here are the completed curtains in highly dodgy lighting conditions.

The appliques are made of bits of tablecloths which were either found in charity shops or made by Batman’s great aunt. Most of them were beyond repair, and of the inexplicable size that vintage tablecloths tend to be. The only thing I can think of is that they’re for tea trollys, but in all my rummaging about I haven’t seen many tables of the right size. If anyone knows the answer to the Phantom Vintage Table Question, I’d love to hear it.

These were embroidered by Batman’s great aunt, and they’re just lovely. The colors are much nicer in real life, but see previous rubbish lighting excuse.

This was the tablecloth that started the whole project off (you can’t tell, but the tablecloth background just about matches the fabric of the curtains).

…aren’t these wee birdies sweet? I think I may have a central panel left from this tablecloth which I should dig out and use sometime.