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Spurred on by my slightly bizarre hormonal tidying up obsession we got my birthday presents framed and on the walls. Batman and I are a bit funny about presents for momentous birthdays, his is in November and mine is in May and we both tend to want something that will last a while.

This invariably leads to us getting the same things as each other (for instance we both got watches for our respective 21st birthdays), especially because Batman is a very careful shopper and didn’t end up deciding on his watch for about 4 months, by which time I had an encyclopedic knowledge of every timepiece available.

But this year he wanted an armchair (sorry, an Old Git Chair) and in the end we ended up getting a pair of armchairs because they were a set and I can’t help myself when it comes to antique furniture.

So I had to be a bit more creative when it came to choosing a present, and ended up deciding on Art.

Even better, it took me so long to find what I wanted (after a slightly hysterical foray into what unexpectedly turned out to be the Japanese erotica bin at a print stall) that people had already sent pennies and I ended up with two Japanese prints from the turn of the century!

I’m not usually a bird person (which sets me apart from 87% of all internet-based crafters), but these were too lovely to pass up.

This is a particularly amazing woodblock print, the photo doesn’t do it any justice so you’ll have to invite yourself round for a cup of tea some time to see it properly.

While we had the picture framing kit out, we added to a wee group of family photos. I have one more to go up, but I refuse to purchase frames from anywhere other than a charity shop, so it’s taking a little while.