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I’ve added a few blogs to my regular reads and I thought I should share them with you (I promise I’ll update my blogroll too)…

The Panopticon

Franklin is a photographer and knitter who lives with Delores and Harry and writes highly amusing posts about …well, it’s best you just read it yourself.

Whip Up

Is a round-up of a whole host of crafty projects. I don’t often go straight for the projects themselves (it’s quite knitting heavy), but the related links sections are really useful and it’s really nice to see the ideas.

Made by Rae

Rae makes rather adorable childrens clothing (and some pretty spiffing stuff for grown ups too). She sells patterns and provides tutorials, so you can join in. I’m not terribly sure I’ll ever outfit Dragon in all the lovely things she posts, but at least it’s nice to have the option!

I hope that keeps you entertained for a while!