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I am not (apparently), one of those bloggers who are happy to embrace impending parenthood with a series of beautifully made (invariably colour themed) items. I haven’t actually finished anything I started for Dragon, with the exception of four out of six flannel blankets which are completely unadorned except for bias binding around the edges.

I’m still working on a shawl, but everything else has been jettisoned in favour of half finished projects (the Sofa Quilt, bedroom curtains and some tatting I found abandoned in a drawer). I do intend to finish all of the things on this list, but in the same way that I can’t actually stand in the baby section of John Lewis (I find myself magically propelled to the neighbouring craft department) I find it difficult not to drift onto less scary projects.

We recently received a not inconsiderable car load of stuff from Batman’s sister, which sent me instantly searching for something else to work on…

Nothing calms a procrastinator like a big plastic box…

…and the prospect of turning this

into this.

(Apologies for the shocking photos, it’s gone all autumnal and dark the last week or so and I can’t seem to get anything to photograph properly).