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I finally feel like I’m on the home straight with Dragon, which is nice because I’ve been finding it really hard to get anything done.

They’re really not kidding about baby brain, are they? This means I have a lot of unfinished accounts, but it’s good news for the Sofa Quilt which appears to have benefited most from my need for relatively simple manual tasks. Simple manual tasks are one thing, but they become a whole new challenge (not unlike those one might get in a Pilates class) when sitting on a gym ball or backwards on a chair in order to encourage the aforementioned Dragon to move out of a back to back position.

I’m trying to avoid marking the green sections because I love the fabric with a slightly unhealthy depth of feeling and I’m afraid I won’t like the result when I start quilting it.

I’ve discovered that all those clever folk who suggested quilting with two needles really did know what they were talking about. It’s probably most useful when quilting motifs where lines cross each other (as demonstrated by the half circles and cross hatching above) because you can leapfrog from one section to the other by just running the needle under the quilt top instead of cutting and tying off.

As usual, the Ringmaster dictates the pace of work. I think he’s disapproving, but he could just be thinking about what he’s going to have for tea.