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How’s this for a convoluted link between the two halves of my life?

I was looking at my @KillerPilates Twitter feed and followed a link tweeted by @ABSolute Pilates to this article.

My upbringing has forced me to prefer to get information from primary sources, so I bring you the web site of Steve Ettlinger, a man who took this to the logical extreme and tracked down all the constituent parts of a Twinkie.

This involved, from what I can see of the location shots, a lot of hard hats, beard nets and heavy machinery.

Corn Syrup - Dwight Eschliman

This book in turn inspired Dwight Eschliman to photograph all 37 (or so) ingredients in a Twinkie. The photographs are lovely, although I’m not sure I can say the same about the completed confection.

So there you have it, from health to art in only a few easy clicks!