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You know those shopping trips where you have a list, and you head into town and end up with something completely different?

We had one of those this weekend… went into town for nursing bras and came back with more beer brewing supplies, and a truly impressive charity shop haul. This included a cast iron casserole dish (£4!) and these lovely things which I just had to rescue.

I’m always a bit sad when I see what is obviously someone’s craft collection donated in its entirety to a charity shop. This shop had a whole bag of embroidery threads, a tin of crochet cotton and a partly finished crewel kit with all the supplies.

I tried to restrain myself to what I knew I’d use (and failed). So I’ve decided to share the bounty and have a giveaway.

There are two placemat sized pieces, a small tablecloth/runner, a round mat/bowl cover and the turquoise crocheted mat. All the designs are different and one of the placemats has been started and has the appropriate coloured threads with it. None of the designs are the same, but they’re all floral.

If you’d like them (and can promise to give them a good home), please leave a comment below with a story of your best charity shop discovery (if you don’t have one, any good story will do). I’ll pick a lucky winner at random next Monday!