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I’ve been desperate to do some Weekwords again but I keep missing them. So when Sally got in touch and said she had a good one, I jumped at the chance!

Like everyone else who’s done the Weekword, I have a collection of interesting keys.

Sometimes I manage to use them as inspiration and create something nice with them.

This time I thought I’d try moving into something a bit more abstract. I’ve been toying with the idea of scanned images recently, I can’t seem to be inspired by the camera. I just want to get my hands on stuff and fold, bend or arrange it. I also decided to let my mind wander (it may be more like bolting the gate once the horse has bolted) and not try to be too fixed about things.

So I ended up doing a bit of research about the greek key design, and fiddled about with strips of paper for a while. Then I got stuck and left it for a few days.

When I finally got to the scan, it turns out that it’s just like a camera after all, I rejected the previous three scan attempts because the background didn’t turn out, then a big cloud suddenly passed over and I got this amazing background, perfect!

Pop over to Sally’s blog to see what everyone else did (that’s the best bit after all).

PS. Don’t forget the giveaway ends on Monday, your chance to get some lovely vintage linens!