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Not quite as alliterative as I was going for, but that’s language for you!

It’s probably not exclusively autumn that’s sapping my enthusiasm, but there’s something awfully tempting about curling up on the sofa with the as-of-yet-unfinished Sofa Quilt which I’m finding hard to resist.

I feel a bit like Mr Earbrass…

The Unstrung Harp by Edward Gorey

I’m even enjoying the rain …

But on a more exciting note, I get to announce Sally as the winner of the vintage linen giveaway! Her local charity shop appears to have exactly what she wants whenever she wants it (a bit like Mary Poppins’ bag), but she generously shared the details (the British Heart Foundation in Hay on Wye) so we can all find our heart’s desire there.

So her package will be winging its way to lovely Wales, and I can highly recommend her blog for being almost-but-not-quite idyllically rural!