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Is it possible to have a comfort spice? Well I’ve got one, so it must be.

If I’m feeling really rubbish, I always go for something with cinnamon. If it has apples that’s a plus… but in the end it could be toast with butter and cinnamon sugar on it (although I have been known just to have cinnamon sugar off a plate with a finger if things get bad enough).

My great grandmother’s secret cinnamon biscuit recipe has the ability to coax blood from grown men, and I can always tell autumn has started when I start to think longingly of apple crisp (not apple crumble, there’s a difference).

If you don’t have cinnamon sugar in the house, I suggest you make it sooner rather than later…it’s amazing useful for sprinkling over things like toast, into coffee or into pies. The recipe is really very simple: take ground cinnamon and sugar and layer them in a small jar (leave space at the top) and then shake until well mixed. If you have a small child and some music you can jitterbug to, all the better.

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