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I’ve finally finished one of the projects for Dragon…

It is of course, the least practical of the projects which is probably what drove me to finish it (that and the fact that it will be needed within 8 days or so of their birth, depending on gender).

This is it before blocking. It’s a hybrid of a few patterns in Mary Konior’s Crochet Lace, which caused a few unforeseen problems.

Mainly it was the lovely Willow Pattern edging, which I made far more detailed than was strictly necessary.

It ended up being a bit of a beast to block. I don’t know whether it was the fact that our spare bed has about 8 inches on two sides in which to walk around, or whether it was because I’m finding everything a struggle at the moment, but I’m very seriously considering getting Batman to help me make a blocking frame like this one and re-blocking this eventually.

Blocking the edging was a bit of a problem for several reasons. First there were too many points for the width of the shawl, so I would have had to bend space and time to get them to all block out at the same time. Second, there were seven picots on each point…

I will admit to being a little obsessive, but I wasn’t going to pin out each and every picot (see space time difficulties above), so instead I pulled each one out individually and only pinned the centre of each point. See, much more reasonable!

Unfortunately you can’t see that in the points which fall above a diamond shape the point is fractionally longer than the others, which was a stunning design feature in my head (and on the chart when I amended it) but practically not very obvious.

So I’m pleased with it, but part of me secretly wishes it was a little bigger (just not the part who was doing the crocheting).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go cut out a squazillion more quilt block components because my mental arithmetic tends to the optimistic rather than realistic when it comes to piecing.