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I’m a little bit cookbook obsessed…

I read them like novels and end up trying to inhabit the world that they conjure up.

For all that I love them, I don’t tend to cook directly out of them (partly because I can’t follow an entire recipe without hesitation, repetition or deviation to save myself). Instead each recipe, once tested, goes into this recipe box.

I can then cook off of the cards instead of worrying about making a mess of the books or finding space for all of them (or multiple books if it’s a complicated meal).

I like the historical detail you get from the cards (you can tell the good recipes from the staining and how the ink has run when they get wet), the alterations as recipes change or just the handwriting as other people copy things out for me.

All those qualities (and some very entertaining recipes written in Scots), turn up in The Broons Cookbook which I got a few Christmases ago from Batman’s parents. It’s handy for recipes like Clooty Dumpling and Abernethy biscuits as well as jam recipes which give the recipe in plain sugar and ratios rather than absolute quantities.

So here’s a cookbook swap for you, list your five favourite cookbooks (not necessarily in order) either in the comments or link to your blog and if you’re feeling up to it, add a photo of something food related…

Here are my favourites:

  1. The Settlement Cookbook
  2. The Book of Jewish Food
  3. The Broon’s Cookbook
  4. The River Cottage Bread Book
  5. The Dairy Cookbook