I very rarely post recipes, even though some of my favourite bloggers post some amazing looking food photos and recipes. (I secretly suspect it’s because my food photography is rubbish…) But I can make up for it with kitchenware photography, so here’s a lovely copper pan and something to put in it!

At any rate, here’s a nice autumnal recipe for you. (Please note that this is a typical Katy recipe, which means that the ingredients list is a guide, there are no quantities of anything given and if you want to ignore any instructions, please feel free!)

Smoked Haddock Risotto

Smoked Haddock (or Cod)
Vegetable/fish stock, vermouth, white wine and/or water (ideally kept warm)
Risotto/arborio rice
Single Cream
Frozen Peas
Melt the butter in a high sided pan, add garlic and leeks. When softened add rice and stir until coated.
Slowly add hot winey stock, stirring constantly. Let each application of stock (about a ladlefull) be almost completely absorbed before adding the next one. When the rice starts to get soft, but is still hard in the middle, add the roughly chopped fish (it helps to add a slug of stock at the same time as the fish) and keep stirring.
When the fish is cooked and mostly broken up, add the frozen peas (and more stock) and…stir. When the rice is cooked and the peas are no longer frozen stir in the cream and allow it to be absorbed. Season to taste (black pepper is absolutely crucial) and serve.