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I had a wee message from Sally to say that she was picking this week’s Weekword and it was one I should find easy, and she was right!

We’re both on the same theme this week as well…

Life can bimble along for quite a while without giving you much cause to consider deeply the character of the people you call friends.

You meet them in various places in your life (school, French camp, university, next door neighbours) and you may go places and do things with them and possibly they drift out of your immediate geographic sphere but you send them the odd email and make sure they’re updating Facebook every few weeks and leave it at that.

But then something big happens, you get married or reproduce (or God forbid something a little less joyous) and you realise that your friends are staggeringly lovely people. All of a sudden they start ferrying your mother to and from hospital waiting rooms, making you quilts, carefully documenting the other lives of Scraptopodes (called Steve), sending monkeys that resemble your offspring and even agreeing to hold the arms and legs of the aforementioned offspring during rather delicate surgery.

It brings me nothing but joy (and a bit of worry that I will never measure up on returning the favours) to realise how lucky I am to know these people and to have met them more or less by accident.

All I can do is write thank you notes and try to be just as lovely back.

PS. I’m choosing the Weekword next week, so pop back along and see what it is!