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The nice thing about Weekwords is that they draw new people to your blog and vice versa. New blogs means new ideas and projects and sometimes a little bit of trouble!

I discovered The Sketchbook Project while checking out Carmen’s blog and in a fit of enthusiasm.. I kind of signed up.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

Basically, you sign up, receive a sketchbook and a theme and you have until the middle of January to fill the book and post it back. It will then go on tour in the States before ending up in the Brooklyn Art Library for eternity (or at least a wee while).

Each sketchbook has a barcode and various ways of letting you know who’s had a look at it, which is pretty cool.

The deadline for signing up is the 31st of October, and it’s open to anyone in the world. You need to pay about $30 for the sketchbook and shipping to the UK, but it seems a shame not to!

I chose the theme Adhere to Me, and I’ve started collecting ephemera and ideas because I have a feeling I’m going to have to work like a demon to get everything done! If you can’t quite work yourself up to a full sketchbook but want to send me stuff to work into the book (ephemera, sketches, photos, feathers or whatever) please do. (This isn’t a plea to have other people do my work for me, honest Mum, it’s just I’ve got the wee Dragon who takes up a bit of my time…)

There are more articles on the Sketchbook Project’s website, so go have a look and let me know if you sign up or have any good ideas.