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I seem to be over-stretching myself this week…

Eldritch is a very good word, and I dare say that all the lovely people listed below will come up with very eerie things indeed. Unfortunately I seem to have forgotten that I don’t have a corps de ballet of Wilis stashed in the cupboard, nor is there a haunted wood in the vicinity, or even so much as a creaking floorboard in the house (laminate flooring is so unromantic).

So I started trying to be a little more prosaic, and remembered all those spells that one is meant to cast on Hallowe’en  in order to see the face of one’s true love reflected in an apple peel or something.

Now since the story of how I found my true love is weird and eerie enough, I didn’t actually look for anything, but if any of you have ever tried (or are going to try) a bit of scrying, please let us know how it went!

Our intrepid Weekworders are:


The Scribbler




Christine – who I have tapped with the magic Weekword Wand to provide next week’s word! Check out her blog on Monday to see what it is.