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Last weekend we went to Buxton (via a gorgeous pub lunch at the top of a hill in The Peaks). It’s a lovely (and photogenic) wee town, and quite interesting to contrast the architecture with somewhere like Bath or even the New Town in Edinburgh.

There was a park in the centre called The Slopes (they weren’t kidding) and I reminded myself how much I like the look of wet autumn leaves on the grass.

The Crescent, which was a bit like the Assembly Rooms, but with extra health-giving properties, has apparently been vacant for some time, but we didn’t have time to go in.

The whole trip felt very Austen-esque, what with Derbyshire in general and the whole spa town experience. Even the weather (damp but bright in a lightbox-overcast sort of a way) was a touch cinematic.

I have a fascination with World War I memorials, and this one was quite dramatically set at the top of The Slopes.

Even the puppy dogs were picturesque.