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I got my Sketchbook Project sketchbook on Friday, which was quite exciting!

The book isn’t as big as I’d feared, so I feel a little better about it.

Carmen wanted to know what I thought of the paper, I’ve not got up the nerve to do my first drawing (but I have marked up the inside covers just to break the ice) but the thing I found the oddest was this:

Slightly less than half the pages are perforated, which I can see might be useful in everyday life, but when you’re expecting the book to get a lot of heavy wear it’s a bit of a problem.

So now I have to work out the best way of reinforcing the perforations and making it fit in with the sketches on those pages.

I’m searching out some other people who are blogging about their experiences of the project, if you know of any entertaining sketchbookers, put a link in the comments!