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(or Thank Goodness It’s Not Just Me)

Last Christmas I bought a large quantity of wool (and silk, in a gorgeous dark turquoise), intending to make a jumper for Batman. He helped choose the colour and refrained from making any remarks about how he hoped it got farther than the last jumper I tried to make him. (That was when I still thought I liked knitting enough to get through an entire jumper.)

Since I bought the wool, I have been trying to find a pattern for this jumper. Now for those of you who have never ventured into the world of crocheted menswear, I will provide some illustrative images of easy to find patterns. Brace yourself.

(I have started with the most pleasant first. He looks quite happy really…I wouldn’t inch away from him if we were in a lift together.)



Now Batman, for those of you who don’t know him, is of the rare breed of gentlemen who have longer legs than waist circumference (don’t ask me how much fun it is to go jeans shopping with him) and keeps his beer in the cellar rather than wearing it.

With the exception of the Roger Moore up there, most patterns are designed for the more portly gentleman (not to mention being almost universally hideous).

So I thought I’d make up my own pattern… which hasn’t really happened, despite spending the last 10 months looking at cable patterns and mucking about with wool.

So the night in question, I was mucking about and turned to Batman,

‘Does this look ok?’


‘What do you really want from this jumper?’

‘I’d like to be able to wear it… and it should keep me warm.’

So that’s where I was going wrong.

(Turns out I’m not the only one.)