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Work has started in earnest on The Sketchbook Project 2010. I have to say that progress hasn’t been quite as fast as I’d hoped (but then when is it ever?) but I feel mildly confident that I’ll manage to finish the whole book.

The nice thing about having a very vague theme is that I find myself musing on it throughout the day. For a while I was trying to make preparatory sketches and notes (especially while feeding Dragon) but I never seem to be in the same place as a sketchbook these days. (The obvious answer is to attach one to Dragon since I’m invariably in the same place as he is…I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.)

I can tell that Batman has lived with me through art college when he said,

‘I didn’t throw away those wrappers on the kitchen counter, I was going to, but I noticed that they were cut out a little too neatly and I figured they must be for some art project or other.’

At any rate, I’m having fun doing it, and I’m hoping I can translate the momentum into something saleable later on.

I want to link to other bloggers who are taking on the project, so I’ve added a section in the sidebar. If you find any more (especially people who are showing their works in progress), please let me know!