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Flexibility, I am told, is the key to a healthy life. (By whom, I’m not quite sure, but it’s no bad thing at any rate.)

My original plan was to make one of those pillows that hangs off the top of one’s headboard (inviting a companion bed jacket) for late night feedings, but after getting this far:

I realised that it was bad for my posture and I should sit in a chair.

But I liked the project, using as it did all the spare bits of unembroidered vintage tablecloth that I couldn’t bear to throw out and some of the vast quantity of white felt I bought just because it fit in my suitcase.

The idea was largely based on Cornflower Blue’s Scrappy Quilt Tutorial with a few changes (naturally).

I’m especially with the machine quilting, which I usually hate doing, but found oddly soothing this time.

I’m half considering selling it when it’s finished. It’s quite thick and very washable so I was going to call it a bairn’s playmat. What do you think?