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For some reason I took a bit of a ‘quilt fever’ the other week and decided that as much as I wanted to get the Sofa Quilt done I wanted a quilt I could use and I wanted it now.

It may have been the weather turning colder and the realisation that although I’ve made quite a few quilts, I don’t have any that I can use at home!

I tried to be sensible and cut out really big pieces. The idea was that all the pieces were multiples of 3 inches (plus seam allowance) and I randomly put them together (with Kipling’s assistance) and then filled in the spaces.

I discovered a few random things along the way (a random thread ampersand being just one of them)…

I was impressed (and a little worried) that I could make the entire quilt without purchasing anything. The blanket I used for the wadding was starting to get moth-eaten so I didn’t feel too wasteful. I left the label on, figuring it would be nice and retro by the time anyone decided to unpick the quilt and see what was underneath.

The best bit was cutting off the fringe!

On Wednesday I’ll post a few musings about this quilt, on a more practical level I think I should have planned out the interaction of the squares a bit better (maybe even on graph paper) and possibly squared the blanket up before I used it, I hadn’t realised how much it had stretched over the years until I started quilting and discovered a whole lot of unusual corner angles!