I’ve been thinking about routines (because I’m trying to create one that works for me) and trying to decide what my ultimate daily routine would be, unbounded by practicality or cost.

1. Stretch – I’m working on this one, but I’d love to start every day with a ballet, Pilates or yoga class. This should be easier than it is, but you know what they say about the cobbler.

2. Draw – Another one I’m getting a bit better at. The Sketchbook Project is helping, but I need to maintain the momentum.

3. Make – Whether it’s making dinner, a jumper or taking a photograph I need to get better and getting past the planning (and crucially on to the finishing) stage.

4. Sweat – Against all the odds, I’ve become a bit of a gym rat. I remember hating the thought of non-dancing exercise when I was a teenager, but now I really enjoy it.

5. Talk – Batman and I always used to have a decent chat over dinner and just before bed. Now that those activities involve a bit more Dragon-wrangling (and fatigue), we’re not talking quite as much as we used to.

6. Read – I’m a voracious reader, which is a bit of a problem. Not only do I speed my way through books, I can’t do or think of anything else until I’ve finished them. It’s a bit like having an affair, but with a whole lot fewer recriminations at the end. Because of this I go through spells of reading and I’m in a bit of a dry patch. I wish I could savour books and try to make them last, but I’d rather just read them twice…

7. Reorder – As my mother will attest, I have not been (in her words) compulsively neat in the past. Alarmingly, however, I’m finding that disorganisation and piles of washing up are now driving me nuts. But there are still bits of the house that I would like to be able to attach and bring some order to. A little every day seems to be the way to do it.

8. Laugh – Fairly obvious, and the one that I think I manage most consistently, living a I do with a boy a cat and a baby!

9. Purr – Not just for cats, but it’s the feeling you get when you’re all snuggled up with someone who makes you happy.

10. Think – Even if it’s just the odd shower-pondering or trying to understand why someone in the news has done such a daft thing, it’s always good to stop and consider.

What would you like to fit into your daily routine?