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Santa Cat is unhappy by Perry G, on Flickr


Things have been a little hectic at Misericordia Mansions recently.

First, my dad came to visit which was lovely. Dragon was spoiled rotten, we did all the touristy stuff that you never do until guests come to town, and a good time was had by all.

Then dad left and Batman and I came down with an odd minimalist stomach bug and spent a week stapled to the sofa watching Marple and Foyle’s War.

Then, just as we had both recovered, I managed to effect a repeat in miniature of the back trouble that kept me in bed for a week last year.

…and tomorrow a friend of mine arrives from Africa for a whirlwind trip and then we go to Scotland for Christmas.

I’m not even going to attempt to fit any blogging into this because it won’t happen and I’ll just stress about things. So a very Happy Christmas to you and a Sparkly Hogmanay and I’ll be back in January more or less intact (hopefully)!