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I seem to have a thing for repeating images (not that I noticed it until I looked at these two sketchbook pages together).

This page started out with an idle glance at the random coins I have littering my worktable. For some reason I can’t seem to get rid of coins, even if they’re no longer in circulation or from places I’m unlikely to visit (which reminds me, I’m sure I have a Norwegian kroner kicking about somewhere and since we’ve booked flights to Norway I should put it in my packing pile!).

From then in moved onto a collection of stamps that I’ve bought, squirreled away and then promptly forgotten about.

I love stamps, not as a collector, but there is something very pleasing in how they look in sheets, and the nice perforations. I get quite upset when the don’t tear apart neatly and you’re left with imperfect corners.

This page is inspired by a video installation I saw (I think it was at the Whitworth) of a clothing factory in China who had laid off a large number of its workforce without honouring their pension agreements.

The workers then made (or arranged to have made) a video of them where they were all sat at their sewing machines with their heads down on their arms and a half-finished shirt over their heads. The video was just a slow pan through the rows and rows of people, looking all still and ghostly at the top and with the odd fidgets and individualities of shoes and trouser legs at the bottom.

It half reminded me of being at school, and half of Act II of Giselle. I really wish I could find some details for you, but my Google-fu has failed. I’m waiting for Batman to tell me about improved search algorithms which find what you want from garbled half-remembered images.