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I’ve been working on the first of my year’s challenges, designing fabric.

I’m going to use Spoonflower because it’s the easiest way (and it’s the one I’ve heard of), and frankly I never thought I’d be interested in fabric design. But then I had an idea, and one thing led to another six (as is always the way with me).

Of course it’s never as easy as just sitting down and doodling a design and getting it printed. I’m having to learn to use Inkscape (which I wanted to do anyway) in order to make the designs suitable for printing in the right format.

So I’m becoming a master tutorial-follower (well, someone in this house has to learn to read the instruction manuals!) and I thought I’d share…. which led me to spend the last half an hour making you lovely people a Valentine rather than just telling you about it.

So finally, a link to the tutorials I’ve been using at Very Simple Designs and I’ll just get back to what I was meant to be doing!