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My first month’s New Technique Challenge was Textile Design.

It’s not something I’ve been ever really been drawn to, but what with reading A Dress A Day (Erin likes her novelty fabrics…a lot) and doing a lot more drawing, I was starting to feel a bit of a pull towards it.

Without really noticing (and via other project ideas that refused to resolve themselves into finished projects) I had a single design idea. But it needed a few more designs to make a collection (and a name, really it’s all about the name).

So now I think I have a more-or-less collection of fabrics: an all-over design, a sort of a spot and a stripe. Thanks to the magic of Spoonflower they can even be yours (eventually, when I receive my swatches, adjust anything that needs adjusting and return intact from my trip to the Arctic Circle…don’t worry, I’ll let you know)!

So watch this space and if you have any favourite textile artists, let me know!