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Sally at Sow and Sew is my Weekword conscience, every time she hosts one she sends me an email which delicately reminds me that I’ve been slacking while managing to sound like she selected her word with me in mind!

I was trying to think of things that make cause me discomfort, and while this (safe for work and small children) makes me shudder because I’m a bit over-sensitive about those sorts of things, I couldn’t think of much else.

…and then I realised that I like a certain amount of discomfort in life. I think that it’s a bit of a shame that we try to smooth everything and remove the variation in texture that should be part of life.

I like knowing where the edges are, I like corsets because they hold me in, I spend ages searching for jeans with no stretch, and I don’t like padding in my pointe shoes.

Now don’t get me wrong, some thing should be soft, like cats ears and raspberries, but if you never have the one how can you appreciate the other?

…and you will never, ever find luxury toilet roll in my bathroom!

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