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I have an ability to become very attached to objects. Very, very attached indeed. So when Dragon arrived, I knew he had to have my highchair.

Now this is not, as they say at M&S, just any highchair…

It was made for my dad when he was young by a person or persons unknown.

A lot of the images are very strongly imprinted on my visual memory.

Oddly, I don’t really remember the duck.

But I do remember the deer, which must have something to do with how the chair was positioned in the dining room.

Batman says he keeps catching sight of the horizon lines and fearing that they’re cracks.

I love the way you can still see the pencil lines under the paint.

Sinister or cute? I can’t decide…

This starts to explain the whole daffodil obsession a little more too!

It just needs a coat of acrylic sealant to keep it looking good for its third child and we’re on our way!