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I’ve signed up to a new website called Pinterest, which is basically pin board-meets-Twitter. Basically, if you see a pretty picture somewhere you can add it to a pin board, people can then comment, like, re-pin or click on the photo to go to its original site. I like it because it’s a bit like a sketchbook, but without the wasteful printing and tedious archiving of websites!

Once you start peeking into other people’s visual space, it’s a bit addictive! I’m particularly keen on seeing other people’s paintings in progress.

Here’s Alexandra Hedberg’s, she says that she likes to make her painting life difficult to avoid being too technical (don’t we all wish we had that problem?):


Alexandra Hedberg, Paintings in Progress


There are more photos in the series if you click on the photo.

Geninne’s Birds in progress are just lovely:


Geninne's Big Bird in progress


…again, more photos if you follow the link!

I’m hoping that seeing other people’s works in progress will inspire me!