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I apologise for the slightly prolonged silence recently. A combination of two four day weekends in a row (about which I have no complaints whatsoever) and the increasing mobility of a certain Dragon of my acquaintance has left me with not a great deal of time to do the things I’m meant to be doing.

For instance, after a Tuesday dive into the (empty) bath, we took an early morning trip to the GP. The lovely man managed to fail to imply that I was (a) negligent in my parenting duties, (b) overprotective and wasting his time and even managed to provide useful advice on how to tell if the little monster really had injured himself.

This meant that on Wednesday when I found myself naked, dripping wet and with shampoo in my hair holding a screaming bairn who was himself semi-naked having hit his head while over-reaching himself going for his rubber duck during bum airing time, I wasn’t too worried…until I felt my back go pop.

This is all to say that my April Sketchnotes have gone precisely nowhere and I am concentrating instead on getting my online shops organised and ready to sell things.

I hope you’re enjoying whatever sunshine, Easter chocolate, bread & beer or long weekends you get and hopefully normal service will resume shortly!