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We just got back from a trip to the States which was our first chance to introduce Dragon to his relatives and see where his passport came from.

It was a bit of a trans-continental adventure, from the Midwest, to Utah and Nevada and back to the Midwest again.

We had a bit of a road trip, where Dragon made family history by insisting that we stop and take him to a service station so he could use the facilities (we do an EC/nappy combination), we almost got stranded on a lonely bit of highway in the middle of nowhere, and I introduced Batman to the Hostess Cupcake.

The media circus claims another victim…

We discovered new things to do,

and did the things we remembered doing.

This was where my parents took me for my first outing when I came home from the hospital. You can’t imagine how glad I am that it is exactly the same, even down to the table of old men discussing sport and politics. (Plus, they still make amazing doughnuts.)