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I went to the charity shop the other day with a bag full of stuff (I try to keep a bag on the go all the time so I don’t have to think too hard about giving things away). It was a pretty large bag, and I was pleased with how much I was getting out of the house.

After I dropped it off and filled in my Gift Aid form I thought I’d have a wee wander around the shop. I needed some picture frames for the embroidery projects I’m working on, and maybe some fabric to use as a background.

I’d just found the perfect set of £2.50 napkins to go with what I’m working on (more on it later), when I turned around and saw a pair of dark slides winking at me. I wandered over to investigate and found to my horror (and secret glee), someone’s darkroom stash.

Now I’m not one to let good equipment fall into the hands of those who may not love it as much as I will and £20 later, I had a stack of print trays, a safelight shade, two beakers with film clips, tongs, squeegees and all manner of useful things, not to mention the dark slides and my napkins!

Of course, I had to tell Batman (who is sunning himself in Crete and calling it a conference) all about it. He’d just managed to opine that dropping things off to charity shops shouldn’t cost money, when I casually mentioned that I’d given the lampshade to friends of ours who very generously babysit Dragon whenever he’s out of town and I’m teaching.

‘Oh, well that’s ok then.’ he said… pffew!

(At any rate, June is Salt Printing month, so it’s all come just in the nick of time!)